Heating system safety tips

Heating system safety tips will help you and your families stay safe this fall and winter season in your home.

Do you and your family members know the safety tips of the heating system in your home?

There are a number of different ways to help you keep your home warm during fall and winter seasons. The most common heating systems are central heating systems, electric space heaters and fireplaces.

With each heating system, safety tips will help you and your families stay safe and warm during the cold season.

Heating system safety tipsFirst and foremost, the most important safety tip is to ensure that your smoke alarm is working. Make sure to check and replace the batteries of your smoke alarm on a regular basis. If your smoke alarm is over 10 years old you will need to replace it.

Heating system safety tips for your heating system:

1. Central heating system
2. Electric space heater
3. Fireplace

1. Central heating system
Before using your central heating system every year, call your local heating experts, like those at Universal Plumbing and Heating. The experts will need to be cleaned and serviced every year.

If your home is heated with a natural gas or oil furnace, get the heating system serviced as well. Additionally, ensure that carbon monoxide detectors are installed near the furnace and outside the bedrooms.

2. Electric space heater
Electric space heaters are common, especially in apartment buildings and condos. There are a number of tips to ensure safety if your home is heated using this system.

• Leave space around the heaters, suggested is at least 3 feet
• Do not place furniture close to the heater
• Do not leave clothing on the heater to dry
• Turn off heater before bed or leaving your home
• Do not store combustible items near the heater

3. Fireplace
Using a fireplace as a heating source is a cozy experience for many. However, it’s important to keep in mind that there are a number of risks involved as well. To ensure the safety of your family, follow these heating system tips for fireplaces:

• Schedule a chimney inspection every year
• Check for cracks and repair any detected
• Schedule a chimney sweep every fall/winter season
• Place a fireplace screen to ensure sparks and debris stays inside
• Ensure combustible materials are not in the vicinity
• Inspect connections and lines of natural gas fireplaces every season
• Ensure fire is put out and not left unattended

Following the above heating system safety tips will ensure you and your family are safe and warm this fall and winter season.

To ensure your heating system is running smoothly, contact your local heating experts are Universal Plumbing and Heating in Vancouver. We can schedule an inspection or service call and we also offer 24/7 emergency service. Contact us today at 604-873-3551 or visit our website.

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