Residential and Commercial Plumbing

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We offer complete kitchen and bathroom plumbing installation and repair services.
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Residential Plumbing

BathroomWe can handle all of your plumbing problems from basic repairs, to more involved diagnosis and repair of those hard to find leaks.

We offer free estimates and same day service to ensure that your plumbing problems are repaired quickly. In addition to handling all of the inside plumbing issues (pipe leaks, toilets and fixtures, water heaters, etc.), our Service Technicians are fully trained and equipped to repair the plumbing outside the building as well.

Call us today and let us put together the heating and cooling system that works best for you.

Commercial Plumbing

Gas FitterUniversal Heating Ltd. excels in delivering the utmost quality throughout the pre-construction, construction and post-construction stages.

Universal Heating & Plumbing is an industry leader in serving commercial plumbing customers. Our vast experience in commercial buildings gives us the expertise necessary to diagnose and repair the complex plumbing problems that these larger buildings present.

Commercial and Residential Repiping

Performing the repiping service will increase your water pressure and flow of water through your home or business . It will also prevent more serious water damage issues and possibly even health issues.

We will complete an inspection and provide an honest recommendation on whether or not you could benefit from our repiping services.
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