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High efficiency FurnaceA high efficiency furnace refers to a unit with Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating higher than 90 percent.

What does the AFUE rating tell us? It tells us the ratio of the furnace’s annual fossil fuel that is converted into usable heat. For example, a high efficiency furnace converts 90 percent of its fuel into heat. The remaining 10 percent of the energy is lost or wasted.

Reasons to upgrade to a high efficiency furnace:

  • High energy bills
  • Diminishing resources
  • Environmental concerns

Owning a property comes with many expenses. As such, every year, property owners look for ways to save money, use less resources and reduce their carbon footprint.

Do you know how old your furnace is?

If your furnace was installed prior to 1992, chances are the AFUE rating is 70 percent, or even lower. What this means for you, as a property owner, is that at least 30 percent of the energy bill you are paying for is wasted money. In many cases with outdated furnaces, the number is closer to 50 percent.

Keep in mind, not only is this wasted energy, but its additional air pollution for our planet.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that the money you are paying to heat your property is actually going towards heating it?

Universal Plumbing and Heating believes that the money you spend on your heating bill should be heating your property.

Our skilled and trained technicians will first and foremost assess your current furnace. Once the assessment is complete, they will provide you with their professional advice on the best-suited high efficiency furnace. At that point, once you have been presented with all of the information, the decision will be yours to make.

Keep in mind; a high efficiency furnace can pay for itself through energy savings.

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