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    • Full-service HVAC and Plumbing Contractor
    • A+ Rating BBB Accredited Business
    • Trusted for Over 37 Years in Business
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    • Commercial and Residential
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    Services That We Provide:
    • Faucet Install/Replace/Repair
    • Toilet Install/Replace/Repair
    • Sink Install/Replace/Repair
    • Shower Install/Replace/Repair
    • Water Heater Install/Replace/Repair
    • Tankless Water Heater Install/Replace/Repair
    • Water Pipe Install/Replace/Repair/Leaking
    • Drain Pipe Install/Replace/Repair/Leaking
    • Drain Cleaning
    • Leak Detection/Repair
    • Frozen Pipe Thawing
    • Gas Pipe Install/Replace/Repair
    • Outside Faucet Install/Replace/Repair/Leaking
    • Garbage Disposal Install/Replace/Repair
    • Sump Pump Install/Replace/Repair
    • Sewage Pump Install/Replace/Repair
    • Air Conditioning
    • Furnaces
    • Heating and Repairs
    • Boilers
    • Heat Pump
    • Hot Water Tank

    HAVCPlumbing, heating, and air conditioning contribute to modern life’s comfort, and with proper maintenance, these systems can last for years without a problem.

    Unfortunately, it’s inevitable that eventually something will need to be fixed, and during an emergency is not the time to be scrambling around for the phone number of a reputable plumber or HVAC specialist.

    You need to establish a relationship with a company you can trust before emergencies arise, and that company is Universal Heating and Plumbing in Vancouver.

    ACRegular maintenance should be scheduled like clockwork, as this type of attention will help lengthen the life of your costly appliances and plumbing system.

    When searching for plumbers in Vancouver, you won’t need to look any further than Universal Heating and Plumbing. Their reputation precedes them, with hundreds of very satisfied customers.

    Universal Heating & Plumbing Ltd. is a full-service HVAC and Plumbing contractor serving residential and commercial customers throughout the Lower Mainland. Whether you need seasonal tuneups on existing equipment or complete design and installation, our certified service technicians have the training, equipment, and experience to complete your project when we say we will, at a reasonable cost.

    FURANCEAs a Vancouver heating contractor, Universal Heating & Plumbing Ltd. can also help you identify, install, and maintain a high quality heating system for your home. Their experienced technicians can guide you through the process of choosing the furnace or heating and air conditioning system that’s right for your situation and your budget.

    Knowing you have someone watching your back makes all the difference. Knowing you can rely on a good company to keep your home comfortable and safe will let you sleep easy at night.

    Founded in 1975, Universal Heating Ltd. has worked hard to become the Lower Mainlands best HVAC & plumbing contractor. Our technicians are all determined to be the best in the field. And to serve you better, we keep them at the leading edge of industry advances by furnishing the latest in equipment, tools, and training.

    Commercial and Residential Repiping
    Performing the repiping service will increase your water pressure and flow of water through your home or business. It will also prevent more serious water damage issues and possibly even
    health issues.

    Get a free estimate

    We will complete an inspection and provide an honest recommendation on whether or not you could benefit from our repiping services.


    Universal Heating & Plumbing Ltd. seeks reliable, hard working, qualified applicants to fill immediate openings. Universal Heating & Plumbing is known throughout the community as being the industry leader because of our dedication to our customers and employees.

    For more information contact our office.

    Universal Heating Ltd.
    We made the mistake originally of hiring a local plumber for our new laundry facility. After numerous issues we asked Doug at Universal to look at the problem. It wasn't long before our new system was up and running, allowing us to operate 100% capacity now for over 6 months without a problem.

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