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Condensing FurnaceA condensing furnace maximizes energy and efficiently converts it into heat.

Non-condensing furnaces waste moisture and exhaust gases that drain through pipes to the outdoors where they evaporate. Not only is this bad for the environment, but it also costing you more money than it should.

One of the main benefits of a condensing furnace is that it recycles moisture and exhaust gasses into usable energy to heat your property. This aspect is what sets apart a non-condensing and condensing furnace.

How a condensing furnace works:

  1. Converts all energy into heat indoors
  2. A fan vents moisture and gases outdoors through a PVC pipe
  3. Condensation is formed
  4. Condensation is recycled back through the furnace system
  5. Converts the gas and moisture into heat

Due to the design of the condensing furnace system, it becomes evident that these systems are more efficient than the older furnace systems.

The design of the system ensures that all of the energy produced by the furnace is fully utilized.

A condensing furnace has an AFUE rating of between 92-97 percent. This means that between only 3-8 percent of energy is lost or wasted. This is the best available rating on the market currently.

Non-condensing furnaces typically have the highest AFUE rating of 90 or 92 percent. Meaning that they waste at least 8-10 percent of energy at their best performance.

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