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What is a gas boiler?

A gas boiler is a source used to provide hot water and heat to your home.

Gas boilerA gas boiler is a tank that sits on top of a burner. The burner is heated by burning natural gas to spread heat into the tank.

The heat in the tank is used to heat water for hot water. Depending on the function of the gas boiler, the tank sends the heat through the pipes to faucets. If the gas boiler is used to heat your home, the tank heats water to create steam, which is then pumped and distributed through the house via pipes or radiators.

What fuels a gas boiler?

In the cities, a gas boiler is commonly fueled by natural gas that is distributed to houses via a pipeline. The pipeline is often located under the road.

In rural areas, the boilers often use propane gas that is stored in a large tank outside of the house.

How does a gas boiler work?

  1. The gas is pumped into the house to the burner for the boiler.
  2. The burner is lit by a pilot light that commonly remains lit.
  3. In order to keep the boiler from overproducing, gas boilers use a temperature gauge and a thermocouple junction to regulate the flow of gas from the line to the boiler.
  4. The burner heats the boiler. The boiler is a metal tank that generally holds water.
  5. The metal of the boiler heats, causing the water within to heat as well.
  6. At this point, the water heats to the desired temperature or evaporates into steam.
  7. From there, the water or steam is distributed throughout the house from the boiler.

A boiler that is used to heat water may also be referred to as a hot water tank.

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