Residential and Commercial Boilers

Boiler Repairs VancouverBoiler Sales and Service – Universal Plumbing and Heating provides sales and service to gas, oil-fired, indirect fired, and electric hot water and steam boilers for space heating in residential, commercial and institutional buildings. As a fully licensed contractors, we go the extra step to ensure customer satisfaction with all our boiler sales.

Universal Plumbing and Heating changes out dozens of older failing or inefficient boilers throughout the course of a year. Typically Universal Plumbing and Heating will send an Estimator (Free of Charge) out to your property to evaluate the boiler system. Then the Estimator will provide a bid for the necessary work.

In many cases, a Service Technician is called out to the property for a “No Heat” call, and he finds that the boiler needs to be repaired or the system needs to be re-piped or controlled differently. In this case, the Technician will obtain the necessary information and pass it along to the Estimator. The Estimator will then put together a bid for the work.

As with anything, the cheapest bid isn’t always the best bid.

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