Common Signs of a Wet Basement or Crawlspace

Common Signs of a Wet Basement or Crawlspace

Signs of a Wet Basement or CrawlspaceMany homeowners dread the thought of a flooded basement or crawlspace. But there are other threats when it comes to water in your home. In fact, persistent, small amounts of water can gradually erode your foundation and create other issues.

If you’re diligent with regular inspections of the below-ground areas of your home, you have a greater chance of catching an issue sooner than later. If you’re not, water could be penetrating and compromising the integrity of your property.

Check out this list of common signs of a wet basement or crawlspace:

  • Damp floors
  • Water stains
  • Condensation on walls or windows
  • Mold

Common Signs of a Wet Basement or Crawlspace

Damp Floors

Damp floors can be the result of water seepage rising through cracks in the foundation or a faulty sump pump. Once you notice dampness on the floor, it is important to determine the source of the water and get it repaired as soon as possible.

Water Stains

Water stains on walls or flooring can be the result of water seeping through basement windows, walls or flooring. Once you notice stains, check for potential points of entry. While doing this, keep in mind that water travels from the highest point to the lowest point. Once you discover the source, repair it right away to reduce the risk of major problems.

Condensation on Walls or Windows

Excessive condensation does not necessarily mean that there is a leak in your space; rather, there may be issues with your ventilation and insulation. While this issue may seem relatively minor, condensation problems that are left untreated can lead to subsequent problems.


Mold is a type of fungus that contains spores that disperse into the air and can trigger allergies. If your family is getting sick often, check for signs of mold in your home. If you find a bit of discolouration and suspect that it may be mold, hire a professional to test it. DO NOT attempt to remove mold by yourself. Extensive mold contamination requires removal by a trained professional with the proper ventilation equipment.


If you have concluded that you do have signs of a wet basement or crawlspace, address the issues as soon as possible. This may require you to:

  • divert water away from your foundation
  • inspect and repair gutters
  • assess the grade of your property

If the condition persists after you have addressed these repairs, it may be an indication of a poor drainage system. Contact a plumbing professional – such as those from Universal Plumbing and Heating  or call our 24/7 Emergency Service line at 604-873-3551.

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