Turndown technology saves energy and money

Modern, high-efficiency boilers are more combustion-efficient than older models. Turndown technology saves energy and money.

Turndown technologyWhile providing the same amount of heat with less input, modern, high-efficiency boilers operate at much higher efficiency. Coupled with greater turndown ratios, this efficiency can cut owners’ gas bills by up to 30%.

During the fall and spring months when it is 18 degrees Celsius outside, you do not need the boiler constantly firing on and off at full input to maintain 21 degrees Celsius inside the building.

Modern high-efficiency boilers have much greater turndown capabilities. This turndown technology saves energy and money and allows the boilers to fire at a lower gas input rating than the older boilers.

Lower turndown capabilities allow heating systems to maintain more even and constant building temperatures. This technology is excellent for the comfort of the people working and living in the buildings.

An example of how turndown technology saves energy and money:
An older boiler might fire at two million VTUs per hour input filing capacity. At low fire, it would still be firing at a relatively high one million BTUs per hour input. A new high-efficiency boiler would have at least 5:1 turndown, equating to 400,000 BTUs per hour input.

The new boilers also have the ability to be fully modulating from the lower firing levels right through to their full fire capacity. These new boilers maintain their superior combustion efficiencies throughout this firing range.

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