Summer Plumbing Tips

Summer Plumbing Tips

Plumbing issues and water problems can take the fun out of your summer vacation. With the rising temperatures comes an increase in water usage both indoors and outdoors. Did you know that your family’s water usage can increase by 20% – 50% during the summer months? If you plan ahead and follow the summer plumbing tips below, you can save yourself a lot of hassle during the summer months.


Outdoor Summer Plumbing Tips

Outdoor Summer Plumbing Tips• Water your lawn in the early morning or in the late evening after the sun goes down. If you water your lawn mid-day, a majority of the water will be evaporated.

• Check your garden hose and other outdoor hoses for bulges, cracks or leaks due to the summer heat. Replace them right away if you notice any defects.

• Do you have trees planted in your front lawn? Any kind of tree growth can cause the roots to make their way to your sewer line in search of water.

• Hot weather or drought can cause the soil to expand. This could potentially result in cracks in your home’s foundation.

• Minimize and eliminate sources of standing water in and around your home and backyard. In addition to the usual corrosion and mold hazards, puddles of still water can breed mosquitos.


Indoor Summer Plumbing Tips

Indoor Summer Plumbing Tips• Lower your hot water heater temperature to 120°F (49°C). Reducing the temperature by a few degrees will shave a little off your utility bills and help offset the seasonal increase in electricity usage.

• If you’re going away on vacation, turn down your water heater to save energy.

• Check to see if the connections of all your pipes, appliances and other plumbing systems are tight and leak-free. The heat can cause them to loosen.

• If you notice the water pressure in your faucets is lower than normal, your home’s pipes may be expanding. Expanded pipes can lead to leaks, water supply malfunctions, or if left untreated, even pipe bursts.


It is important to regularly inspect your entire plumbing system year-round. Don’t ignore even the most seemingly minor leaks.

If you are unable to check any of these plumbing components by yourself, or if you want the assistance of a professional plumber, contact Universal Plumbing & Heating today!

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