Summer Furnace Maintenance

Summer Furnace Maintenance

Who needs summer furnace maintenance?

A properly functioning furnace in your home is essential – especially here in Vancouver!

Have you ever experienced that “uh-oh” feeling you get on a cold day in the fall, when you try to turn on your furnace to get a nice blast of warm air – and nothing happens? At Universal Heating, we know just how important it is to keep your family warm during the fall and winter months.


Now, why are we discussing Summer Furnace Maintenance?

Summer Furnace MaintenanceAs we head into summer in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, scheduling an appointment to service your furnace is probably the last thing on your mind. You are probably thinking about your upcoming family vacation, barbecuing with friends and riding on your bike.
But, the summer months are also the perfect time to have your furnace inspected, serviced and cleaned. Chances are, your furnace is turned off for five to six months in the summer as Vancouver basks in the sun. Being without a furnace for a few days in July or August is not an issue, whereas being without it for a few days in the fall or winter months would be very tough.
An efficient furnace is less expensive to operate which will end up saving you money on your power bills next winter. If there are any parts that are beginning to wear, detecting them early can help you to avoid expensive and inconvenient repairs in the future. Wouldn’t you rather have peace of mind knowing that your furnace is working properly for the next time you need it?


Contact your Vancouver plumbing and heating experts at Universal Plumbing and Heating.

Call 604-873-3551 or visit our website to book an appointment for your furnace, today. Universal Plumbing and Heating can take care of all your summer furnace maintenance needs.

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