Spring plumbing tips

spring plumbing tipsSpring plumbing tips can help you save money and time on your home maintenance this year.

Despite having a mild winter in Vancouver this year, there are still a number of plumbing tips to consider in order to make sure there is minimal damage to your property after the seasonal change.

Often times fluctuating temperatures in the winter months causes thawing in the warmer months, which can cause water to start overflow on your property. To help prepare your home for the seasonal change, be sure to follow these spring plumbing tips and schedule and appointment with your Vancouver plumber for any work required.

Spring plumbing tips

  • Sump pump test
    • If you have a sump pump in your home, be sure to test whether it’s working properly. Pour a couple of buckets of water into the sump pump. If the pump turns on automatically and gets rid of the water, it’s working properly. If however it does not, call a professional Vancouver plumbing expert and schedule an appointment to have the pump fixed right away.
  • Check sinks for drips and leaks
    • Check all sinks in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms or other places where there may be one in your home. Diligently check for leaks, drips or signs of water damage, if no notice any of the above call a plumbing professional to address the problem right away.
  • Make note of your water reading
    • A good way to test whether there are any water leaks is to make a note of the water meter before you and your family leaves the house for the day. Be sure that no one is home and using water throughout the day. When you get home, check the number again. If the number is different than when you left the house, you likely have a water leak somewhere. Be sure to call a professional right away to detect where it is coming from and address it right away.
  • Pipe inspection
    • Pipe inspections should be conducted once per year to make sure everything is running smoothly. If you haven’t had a pipe inspection done in your home for over a year, call a professional and schedule an appointment right away. They will check for leaks and pipe bursts, which can do a lot of damage if not addressed right away.
  • Un-used drains
    • If you have drains in your home that are infrequently used, be sure to pour water down these drains. Doing this will prevent odors from making their way into your home during the springtime weather change.

Consider these spring plumbing tips to help you get your home ready for the new season. Contact your Vancouver plumbing and heating experts at Universal Plumbing and Heating to schedule your plumbing check up. We offer 24/7 emergency repair services; call 604-873-3551.

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