Camus Boiler

800px-Interior_of_the_Solaria_EarthshipCould your home or office benefit from a new boiler to improve your hot water needs and efficiency? A Camus boiler could be the right fit for your home or commercial space.

Camus Hydronics Ltd is a manufacturer of an extensive line of boilers. The Camus boiler line is made up of gas fired high efficiency copper tube and stainless steel models.

Camus boilers are manufactured for residential, light commercial, commercial and industrial applications.

With over 75 years of collective experience, you can be certain that your Camus boiler is backed by innovative designs and leading edge technology.

Camus boiler and hot water products are constructed using state of the art components and high quality materials. The products are engineered to operate with maximum efficiency, providing years of dependable service.

Camus offers a full range of non-condensing, near condensing and condensing hot water heater options along with control packages to meet your requirements.

Products offered by Camus

    • Atmospheric boiler / water heater
    • Features light commercial / commercial and industrial applications
    • Thermal efficiencies of up to 83%
    • New leading edge product
    • Models ranging from 500,000 (BTU) up to 6 million
    • First in the industry for this style of Boiler/Water Heater
    • Thermal efficiency of 85%
  • The DFX 
    • Latest development in the DynaFlame family of boilers
    • Features higher output capability and efficiencies.
    • Near-condensing system
    • Thermal efficiency of 88%
  • DynaForce 
    • Heat exchanger constructed entirely of stainless steel
    • Available for Hydronic Heating and Domestic Hot Water heating
    • Can be fired with both Natural Gas and Propane
    • Thermal efficiency rating of up to 99%

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