High Efficiency Boiler

No Heat | Furnace RepairAre you looking for ways to improve your home and save money on your utility bills? A high efficiency boiler can help you achieve the desired temperature as well as save you money.

Traditional boilers are not capable of running at lower outputs. As a result, they turn on and off more frequently.

While this traditional system uses less fuel than running continuously at a high output, it is less efficient in terms of heat per unit of natural gas, propane, or oil.

High efficiency boilers are able to regulate their output. This process is also knows as modulation.

Modulating boilers use outdoor reset. Additionally, they determine the amount of heat that is required and as a result adapt their firing rate as low as possible in order to meet the desired heating needs.

A high efficiency boiler operates at lower temperatures. 

Operating at lower temperatures also reduces the cycling of the boiler. This process further improves efficiency and saves the homeowner money on their utility bill.

High efficiency boiler: How it works

  • Outdoor reset is used to produce heat at the level needed due to outdoor conditions
  • When it is colder outside, a high efficiency boiler sends water to the radiators at higher temperatures than when it is warmer outside.
  • This higher temperature water provides more heat to the house to offset the additional heat lost to the outdoors.
  • As the temperature rises the boiler sends water to the house at lower temperatures and then lower temperature water returns to the boiler.
  • When the temperature of the returning water is below 130 degrees F the boiler is able to condense.
  • Condensing greatly increases the efficiency of the boiler and saves the homeowner money on their utility bill.

In order to ensure their effectiveness, a high efficiency boiler combines accurate temperature control with high burner turndown to match plant output to heating demand.

How it works

  • Use a PID controller to maintain supply-water temperature to within ±2°F.
  • Determine load and temperature requirements
  • PID controllers modulate high-turndown burners in 1% increments.

This process enables high efficiency boilers to change input and output to match the desired load exactly.

Another benefit of this system is that there is no temperature overshoot. A high efficiency boiler can operate over its entire range in a matter of seconds.

Due to the high turndown and latent energy recaptured during condensing, the result can be as much as a 30-40% increase in efficiency for the homeowner compared with conventional hydronic systems.

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