Fully Modulating Boiler

Fully Modulating BoilerWhether it is to save money, run a more energy efficient home, or both – many homeowners are benefiting from fully modulating boilers.

Modulation defined

  • The process that increases or decreases the heat output (firing rate) of the boiler.

In simplified terms, your fully modulating boiler can adjust its heat output on its own and does not require a person there to make the adjustment.

The boiler’s control monitors the heat absorbed by the house by measuring the temperature of the boiler water as it leaves and as it returns to the boiler.

The larger the temperature difference, the more heat the boiler must add to the water, and the higher the firing rate that the control will create.

Modulating boilers reduce this cycling as they can run at a low firing rate.

Non-modulating boilers operate at full fire all of the time.

Drawbacks of non-modulating boilers

  1. The boiler is most efficient at low fire and least efficient at full fire.
    • Therefore the longer the boiler can run at low fire, the more efficient it is.
  2. Efficiency is lost every time the boiler starts and stops

A fully modulating boiler runs longer at lower temperatures, minimizing the starts and stops. As a result, improving the efficiency of your system.

Outdoor reset is a simple yet extremely important part of a high efficiency system.

The outdoor resent process

  1. An outdoor sensor lets the boilers control know what the temperature is outside.
  2. The boiler uses this information to adjust the temperature of the water that that is supplied to the radiant emitters.
    • Due to the design of the system, the supply water is not required to be as hot during warm weather as it is during cold weather.
  3. By supplying lower temperature water to the system, the boiler can maximize its efficiency and as a result save money for the owner.

Fully modulating boilers typically are more fuel-efficient at part load.

Traditional boilers do not have the ability to modulate. They are either at full capacity or they are off. If you consider the amount of time that it takes for a boiler to warm up and shut off when its warmest; You will realize that this is not the most efficient way to run a boiler.

Luckily, the technology behind a fully modulating boiler enables the boiler to run longer with fewer on and off cycles at lower fire rates for improved efficiency. The effectiveness of the system is true as the system operates while still maintaining the desired temperature within your home.

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