Fall Plumbing Tips Vancouver

Fall Plumbing Tips Vancouver

Fall PlumbingIs it possible for the upcoming winter to be colder, snowier, and longer than last years? Before we talk about the possibility of another never-ending winter, let’s focus on the current season at hand and the fall plumbing preparations you should be taking now.

While some of you are already dreaming about pumpkin-spiced everything, don’t forget to prepare your home for the colder weather before it’s too late.

Before the leaves change colour and the temperature begins to drop, it’s important to make sure your pipes, gutters, and faucets are in good shape. To help you out, we’ve put together some fall plumbing tips for homeowners in Vancouver.

Fall Plumbing Tips

Follow this checklist of fall plumbing tips to prepare your plumbing for the winter:


  • Disconnect your outdoor water hose
  • Turn off outdoor faucets completely
  • Shut off the interior valve for outdoor faucets
  • Protect outdoor faucets by covering them with Styrofoam or hose bibs
  • Clean your gutters


  • Ensure all of your pipes are properly insulated
  • Drain your water heater
  • Check indoor faucets and plumbing fixtures
  • Inspect your sump pump to ensure it’s clean and in good working condition

Importance of Fall Plumbing Maintenance

Performing these easy plumbing tasks in the fall will potentially save you a lot of time and money in the future. A simple mistake like forgetting to disconnect your hose before winter temperatures roll in can lead to frozen, cracked, or burst pipes. This will wreck havoc on your entire home plumbing system.


We’re here to make sure your plumbing system is prepared for the temperatures ahead.

If you have any questions about the fall plumbing tips listed above or need assistance with maintenance, feel free to contact the Vancouver plumbing professionals at Universal Plumbing and Heating

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