Dewinterize your Recreational Property

Dewinterize your Recreational Property

DewinterizeWith spring on the way, now is the time to start thinking about when you’re going to dewinterize your recreational property.

Broken pipes can be a real pain to repair when all you want to do it start relaxing. If you correctly drained and closed down the plumbing before you shut down your property for the winter, then you should have no problems when you dewinterize in the spring.

In the fall, you should have:

  • Drained your pipes
  • Used non-toxic antifreeze for drains and toilets

If you have an emergency, contact our 24/7 emergency service line at 604-873-3551.

Water System Start-Up

Inspect all water pipes

When you arrive at your recreational property, inspect all the water pipes for obvious damage. The less than obvious problems will show themselves shortly. If you notice any structural damage to the water pipes or if you notice a leak, do not continue with the steps below. Contact an experienced plumber right away.

Draw water into the pump and water holding tank

Draw water into the pump and water holding tank on your property. This step is important as it ensures enough water is present for when you need to flush your water lines.


Flush your water lines

Before turning on the water, open a cold water tap. Make sure the cold-water valve leading to the hot water tank is closed.

Now, turn on the water pump and open all the other valves that may lead from the pump to the property. Inspect all the water lines for leaks by listening for “hissing” sounds. This step will flush your plumbing of air, anti-freeze and other sediments that may have built up over the winter.

Once your pipes have been thoroughly flushed, close all the taps. Now, inspect the water pump to ensure it holds its pressure. If the pump continues to lose pressure when the taps are closed, there is a leak somewhere in your system. Contact an experienced plumber right away.


Hot Water Tank Start-Up

Filling your hot water tank

Once the water system is on and working normally, it is time to fill the hot water tank.

  1. Ensure the hot water tank breaker is OFF
  2. Close all the taps
  3. Close the cold-water intake valve for the tank (it should already be closed from the step above)
  4. Connect a hose to the drainage valve and run it outside
  5. Open the drainage valve (normally opens counter-clockwise)
  6. Open a hot water tap
  7. Close the drainage valve
  8. Turn on the cold-water intake valve to begin filling the hot water tank
  9. Watch the hot water tap – when it flows normally, the water tank is full
  10. Turn on the hot water tank electrical supply breaker

During this process, ensure you are inspecting the water pipes and listening for leaks in the system.

Septic System

Before the start of a new season, consider having your septic tank pumped. It is money well spent if you can avoid a mess in the middle of the season. Contact a sewage pump expert.


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