Common Winter Plumbing Problems

Common Winter Plumbing Problems

Winter Plumbing ProblemsThere may be sunshine in the forecast for Vancouver, but we’re not out of the woods yet. Environment Canada has issued numerous snowfall warnings for the area during the month of December.

With snow comes freezing temperatures and the risk of damage to the plumbing in your home and recreational property. Allowing the cold temperatures to damage your plumbing can have costly implications now and in the future. Proper maintenance will help you to avoid most issues. Also, repairing issues right away can save you a lot of money in the long run. How can you avoid these winter plumbing problems?

Worry not! We have compiled a list of common winter plumbing problems and we have provided solutions to each problem.

Winter Plumbing Problems

  • Frozen Pipes
  • A break in the waterline
  • Broken water heater


Frozen Pipes

Pipes in your home can freeze during the winter months. Frozen pipes occur due to high water pressure and freezing temperatures. Allowing pipes to stay frozen over a long period of time can cause them to burst, leading to a costly repair bill. To avoid the threat of a water pipe burst, ensure you have properly drained the water pipes in your recreational property. In your home, remember to leave a tap on slightly. Allowing water movement will prevent the water in the pipes from freezing.

A Break in the Waterline

A break in the waterline occurs when residual water in a pipe freezes, causing a gradual increase in water pressure and eventually breaks the water line. To avoid this, ensure you have shut off the main valve to avoid excess water.

If it is too late for precautionary measures and you are facing a break in your water line, don’t worry!
Universal Plumbing & Heating has experienced technicians who can repair all winter plumbing problems and emergencies. Call (604) 873-3551 for emergency service 24/7.

Broken Water Heater

Water heaters always seem to break down when you need it the most – during the cold winter months in Vancouver. To avoid a broken water heater, make sure it is running at its optimum level by performing regular maintenance. If certain issues persist, it is best to call a licensed plumber.


These are just some of the common winter plumbing problems you may face during the cold months in Vancouver. While some situations can be avoided with maintenance and the proper precautions, we know first hand that emergency situations can happen. Contact Universal Plumbing and Heating right away for all of your winter plumbing problems. 

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