Boiler Installation and Service

Bathroom Plumbing VancouverYou have done your research; you have evaluated the cost and compared the pros and cons of installing a new boiler. The next step is to evaluate the boiler installation and service.

In many cases, to avoid disrupting building users, install your new boiler from late spring to early fall. This is an ideal time for boiler installation and service, as these months tend to be warmer.

In some cases, because new equipment is smaller, boilers can be pre-installed alongside old systems. When this is possible, it reduces the heating downtime to just one or two days. A skilled and experienced technician will be able to let you know if this option is available for your space.

New boiler installation and service are crucial to maintain efficiency. Performing regular maintenance on your boiler will ensure a lengthy life span of the product.

Regular service of a new boiler will:

  • Increase the lifetime
  • Avoid any costly emergency repairs
  • Ensure maximum efficiency

You should have your boiler serviced and maintained by a qualified and trained service professional at least once per year.

When it comes to boiler installation and service of your new or existing boiler, trust the experts at Universal Plumbing and Heating. Our certified professionals will be able to answer all of your questions and perform the work efficiently.

For your boiler installation and service needs, call Universal Plumbing and Heating today at 604-873-3551. Visit our website for more information.

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