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June 5, 2017
How Can You Conserve Water This Summer?

How Can You Conserve Water This Summer? Worldwide water supplies are becoming increasingly limited. Climate shifts, development, and global population growth are draining our water supplies. As a result, it is important for everyone to do their part to conserve … Continue reading

May 25, 2017
Should You Upgrade to a New HVAC System this Summer?

Should You Upgrade to a New HVAC System this Summer? HVAC is an abbreviation for heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning. These systems provide thermal comfort and air quality in your home. HVAC systems include: Central air conditioners Heat pumps Furnaces Boilers … Continue reading

May 10, 2017
Common Pool Pump Leaks

Common Pool Pump Leaks Although some people choose to use their pools year-round, most outdoor pools in Vancouver are ‘winterized’ for the fall and winter months. But when spring arrives, many people are eager to get their pool ready for … Continue reading

April 19, 2017
Bathroom Renovation Tips

Bathroom Renovation Tips A good quality bathroom renovation will provide you with years of pleasure and comfort. However, if you cut corners and do an amateur job, you will be reminded of it on a daily basis. A bathroom is a … Continue reading

April 5, 2017
Get Your Home Ready for Summer – Outdoor Maintenance

Get Your Home Ready for Summer – Outdoor Maintenance It is incredibly important to maintain your house throughout the year. Maintenance will not only keep your home as perfect as the day you bought it, but it can also help … Continue reading

March 20, 2017
Sump Pump Maintenance

Sump Pump Maintenance A sump pump is a submersible pump that is placed at the bottom of a specially constructed sump pit. Both the sump pump and the sump pit are typically found at the lowest point in your basement or … Continue reading

March 6, 2017
Spring Air Conditioner Inspection

Spring Air Conditioner Inspection From your Trusted Plumbing and Heating Expert in Vancouver With snow still in the forecast in March, your air conditioner is probably the last thing on your mind. But summer will be here in no time. … Continue reading

February 24, 2017
Common Spring Plumbing Problems

Common Spring Plumbing Problems As we look outside at the grey skies and rainy Vancouver weather, it is hard to imagine the warm, sunny weather of spring and summer. But soon enough, we will be emerging from winter hibernation. It is … Continue reading

February 10, 2017
Common Signs of a Wet Basement or Crawlspace

Common Signs of a Wet Basement or Crawlspace Many homeowners dread the thought of a flooded basement or crawlspace. But there are other threats when it comes to water in your home. In fact, persistent, small amounts of water can … Continue reading

January 23, 2017
Dewinterize your Recreational Property

Dewinterize your Recreational Property With spring on the way, now is the time to start thinking about when you’re going to dewinterize your recreational property. Broken pipes can be a real pain to repair when all you want to do it … Continue reading

January 16, 2017
Spring Plumbing Tips

Spring Plumbing Tips While we still may be a few months away from the official start of spring, the ice in Vancouver is beginning to melt and the rain will soon be back in full force. As this is the … Continue reading

December 16, 2016
Guide to Tankless Water Heaters

Guide to Tankless Water Heaters These days, more and more people are moving away from the traditional storage water heater and opting for a more energy efficient tankless water heater – and for good reason! Tankless water heaters mean an unlimited … Continue reading

December 8, 2016
Common Winter Plumbing Problems

Common Winter Plumbing Problems There may be sunshine in the forecast for Vancouver, but we’re not out of the woods yet. Environment Canada has issued numerous snowfall warnings for the area during the month of December. With snow comes freezing temperatures and … Continue reading

November 23, 2016
New Furnace Purchase & Installation Guide

New Furnace Purchase & Installation Guide Purchasing a new furnace is not a decision you want to make hastily on a cold night in December. Not to mention, you don’t want to have to rush install the new furnace yourself. A … Continue reading

November 14, 2016
Guide to Conventional Storage Water Heaters

Guide to Conventional Storage Water Heaters Conventional storage water heaters continue to be the most common type of water heating system for the home. In this blog post, we will discuss: How storage water heaters work What criteria to use … Continue reading

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